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Socially Distanced Teamwork!

12 October 2020
My name is James and I’m a keen artist and a learner on the Skills bridge programme here at HS4LC. I am writing my first blog post for the HS4LC website about "The Craft Tree". What is The Craft Tree?....I’ll explain more to you with regular updates but it is a new enterprise started by […]

Surviving Lockdown Steph Style!

27 July 2020
Steph is an intern on our Routes to Employment programme. She wanted to write and share a blog post of her experience so far of the current Covid-19 lockdown. Lockdown over the last number of weeks has been extremely difficult for me. This is because I am used to being occupied 24/7, due to the […]

Change for the Interns!

11 June 2020
For the past 12 weeks the interns have completing their learning virtually. They have been keeping in keep in touch with their tutors via phone and email and all have participated in our weekly group and 1:1 zoom meetings. We have really enjoyed the PSHE weekly themes, particularly exploring topics such as mental health, healthy […]

Interns focus on Kindness!

26 May 2020
As you may know this years Mental health awareness week had the theme of Kindness! Last week during Mental Health Awareness week the HS4LC intern group returned to the theme of mental health – with a particular focus on Kindness. They have been exploring the importance of kindness to others and kindness to themselves. It […]

Theme Week on Lockdown!

29 April 2020
Last week the interns began learning about topics related to PSHE. The theme they began with was alcohol. Each day the interns were set tasks about different areas of alcohol. The tasks involved them doing their own research. These included learning about: units of alcohol, alcohol addiction, alcohol and the law, as well as where […]

Keeping Active during Lockdown!

23 April 2020
Last week the Interns enjoyed an Egg-cellent Easter weekend before entering a new week of distance learning.  With chocolate in the air, what better time to share how they have been keeping active.  Will shared: I have enjoyed going out on daily walks to help keep me active.  On Easter Sunday I took part in an […]

Life Skills Learning on Lockdown!

14 April 2020
Last week, the interns were set some life skills tasks to do at home and they definitely rose to the challenge!  Here are some photos and an update of what they have been doing! Arron: The life skills I have put into practice this week is washing and drying up the dishes, and making my […]

Distance Learning with the Skills Bridge Interns.

1 April 2020
Like the Day Centre, our Routes to Employment Programmes had to shut the doors on Monday 23rd March. However, this doesn’t mean the learning has stopped! While they are not in work placements the Interns have continued to work hard from home. Several learners have borrowed laptops from the centre and others are using their […]

Cafe Success for HS4LC interns!

12 February 2020
You may have seen us announce at the beginning of January that our Routes to Employment interns would be taking over The Bridge Coffee Bar at COGs in Knaresborough every Monday. We are over a month into attending the cafe now and it really is going from strength to strength week in week out. The […]

HS4LC at The Bridge Coffee Bar!

8 January 2020
We are very excited to announce that Harrogate Skills for Living Centre's Routes to Employment interns are taking over The Bridge Coffee Bar in Knaresborough every Monday! We are really excited to be working with the staff and volunteers at The Bridge Coffee Bar located at the Centre on Gracious Street (COGS) in Knaresborough. Interns […]