Education and Employment

The employment rate for adults with learning disabilities and autism remains at less than 6% nationally and we know that many adults with learning disabilities would like the opportunity to work so they can lead independent and fulfilled lives.

We want to make changes right here in Harrogate to increase the opportunities and support available to people with learning disabilities and/or autism. Enabling them to lead independent lives and fulfil their wish of finding employment in their local area.  Our aim is to help individuals achieve sustainable employment by equipping them with the skills to gain independence and thrive in the work place. We recognise that some people with learning disabilities and autism can take longer to learn new tasks or settle in new environments but with the right support barriers can be overcome and everyone can be provided with the opportunity to lead fulling lives and feel valued in their communities.  Click on the boxes below to find out more about our programmes for young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism who aspire to have paid or voluntary work.

To arrange a visit or for more information call us on 01423 447417 or at

Term dates

  • 4th Sept 2023 to 19th July 2024 (closed for all bank holidays)
  • 2nd September 2024 to 18th July 2025 (closed for all bank holidays)

The employment service runs all year.

Skills Bridge

Whilst most of our Skills Bridge programmes focus on those aspiring towards employment, we also understand that this isn’t always a realistic goal. Therefore, we can offer specific bespoke education programmes with different outcomes such as preparation for adulthood, PSHE or independent living skills, for example.

Programmes can be developed incorporating the following outcomes:

  • Moving in to paid employment or higher education
  • Independent living; having choice, control and freedom over your own life
  • Participating in society; having friends and relationships and being part of your community
  • being as healthy as possible

To talk in more detail about our Skills Bridge education programmes, please call us on 01423 447417.