Life Skills Learning on Lockdown!

14 April 2020

Last week, the interns were set some life skills tasks to do at home and they definitely rose to the challenge! 

Here are some photos and an update of what they have been doing!

Arron: The life skills I have put into practice this week is washing and drying up the dishes, and making my own sandwiches. This week on Wednesday I went into self isolation because my mum started showing symptoms of a dry cough and a headache but she is ok otherwise, so not as bad as I thought. I have been making mum cups of tea, and making her lunch to help my family around the house.

I am really proud that I have managed to pass another one of my virtual college courses which is Health and Safety at work, and the thing I am most proud of this week is managing to complete six business admin assignments in the space of a week. I am also really happy with myself as to how I have coped since Wednesday in self isolation being able to adapt to this very hard way of living with not being able to go out for a walk. 

Next week I would like to try to cook a meal for mum and my brother. I would also like to pass my virtual college course in fire safety. 

Frances: The photos below show just some of the Life Skills tasks Frances has completed… Well done!

Liv: This week I have been doing some worksheets and my Level 2 Food Hygiene course I have nearly finished. 

I have helped at home doing jobs in the kitchen like emptying the dishwasher and drying up. I know how to put on the washing machine too.

I would like to tell you a nice story that happened last weekend. My mum asked her friend if her daughters had any jigsaw puzzles for me to do. She didn't but she is co-ordinating Oatlands Community and she put a message out. A kind lady called Mary left two jigsaws on our doorstep with a lovely note.  Later on that day another lady called with two more and the next day another lady brought two more.  I now have six jigsaws to keep me busy!

Next week I would like to cook a meal for my family.  I have been looking at a recipe book and looking online to find the perfect recipe.

Kelsie: As well as mastering doing the washing Kelsie has baked a birthday cake for her brother, prepared chicken stir fry for her family and been tending to her sunflowers!

Cameron: The Life Skill I’ve done this week is learning on how to make myself a ham sandwich. I have now learned on how to make this on my own and feel really proud.

Will:  I have baked lemon drizzle cake, made hot drinks for me and my family and helped to make dinner, sausage and mash onion gravy.

I have been learning about social distancing and staying safe and I have finished my Level 1 Food Hygiene course.

We’re looking forward to hearing more about the interns’ progress over the next few weeks.