Interns focus on Kindness!

26 May 2020

As you may know this years Mental health awareness week had the theme of Kindness!

Last week during Mental Health Awareness week the HS4LC intern group returned to the theme of mental health – with a particular focus on Kindness.

They have been exploring the importance of kindness to others and kindness to themselves. It has been lovely to hear about some of the things they have been doing!

As well as keeping a kindness diary each of the interns have created a wellbeing jar (or tub). Inside the jar are all the things they are looking forward to doing in the future, when lockdown is over – having things to look forward to can definitely make us feel happier and improve our well-being!

As well as focusing on kindness the interns have also been exploring the difference between everyday emotions and overwhelming emotions – they have done some great work on the Sasha and Andre Case studies (which you can view here) and created some lovely posters based around self care and promoting good mental and emotion health.

Some of the interns have also been exploring the impact social media can have on our mental health. They have been thinking about the things we can do and the things we should avoid in order to maintain good emotional well-being.

We all want to say a huge well done to the interns for their continued hard work during this time. We miss you greatly but love seeing the work you are doing and great progress you are making.

Here are some photos of their work:

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