Lockdown fun at Briardene!

1 March 2021

So when the individual routines and daily schedules for 13 very different adults in our service are put on hold for an indeterminate amount of time, we had to ask ourselves:

- How do you keep up a schedule of interesting and varied activities?

- How do we keep spirits up, keep residents moving, and keep communications positive?

Responsibilities for this this fell to our care teams who met the challenge with flexibility and creativity and supported our residents to engage with everything from armchair travel to gardening, decorating, crafting, exercise, zooming families and gaming. They have made musical instruments, learnt about other cultures and countries, become even more involved in the home environment and developing it to meet their own tastes and have been supported to keep up with the news about the pandemic in a measured and step by step way to keep anxiety down and anchor their experience in the present moment.

We wanted to share some of the fun activities we have been doing through this latest covid lockdown at our Briardene Care Home!

We took a armchair visit to the USA!

We made musical instruments!

We had some very important relaxation sessions!

We have done lots of baking!

We have been keeping fit through lockdown with some fitness fun!

We have also done lots of arts and crafts!

You can keep up to date with all our activities over on our facebook and instagram pages.

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