Our new co-production group!

16 April 2024

Over the last couple months, we have started a Co-production group. Co-production acknowledges that people with ‘lived experience’ of a particular condition are often best placed to advise on what support and services will make a positive difference to their lives.

The aim of our group going forward is to work together and improve services in Harrogate and the rural areas to support living a good life, on the back of a steering group which surveyed ‘what makes a good life’. Co-production should be ingrained in everything we do, including those with lived experience, parents/guardians, and carers in the conversation from the beginning.

We are currently looking at activities available in the area and how accessible these are for those with learning disabilities and/or autism, and to see if they meet the needs and wants. We are discussing how best information is shared so those with learning disabilities and/or autism can read, see, hear about the events.  We have also discussed topics including independent living, relationships, finances and more.

Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the group or if you would like to join!